Music: Swindle – No More Normal

Oh yes. London based musician Swindle comes through with a brand new album, an exceptional new release on Brownswood Records titled No More Normal. 11 tracks long and just over 30 minutes in length, this genre-bending release is an excellent representation of the sound of the UK, with grime, soul, jazz and heavy funk being merged into a colourful and exciting new sound that sounds phenomenal.

The album took Swindle three years to build, collaborating with a plethora of different talents from different sides of the music spectrum. Strings make everything sound better, and Swindle uses them to perfection on this album. The live instrumentals as a whole are beautiful, and they kick off masterfully on the opening track “What We Do” with Rider Shafique, P Money, D Double E and Daley. It continues into “Get Paid” and “Drill Work,” a hard-hitting record featuring Ghetts’ sharp lyricism and aggressive strings that just add to the intensity to the track itself. The lead single “Coming Home” featuring Kojey Radical is an upbeat and catchy tune that features slick guitar leads, a thick bassline and more strings that add to the aura of the track. Kojey’s poetry is of course a great addition to the record, adding depth and needed introspection. My favourite track, however is “Take It Back,” featuring D Double E and Kiko Bun. I literally spent yesterday listening to this record on repeat for a good half an hour before going onto the next track. Kiko Bun’s sublime hook is only complemented by a stunning string section that really is goosebumps-inducing. The uplifting message behind it is inspiring and well-needed. The fast-paced production and guitar-licks on “Talk a Lot” with Eva Lazarus is also a highlight for me, with it’s bass-driven beat that provides a great groove, with Eva’s powerful vocals dominating parts of the track. The guitar solo at the end is excellent as well.

The flow of this album is on point as well, as each track goes into the next seamlessly. I could not be more chuffed and happier for Swindle, who worked tirelessly to craft and album that represents the diversity and richness of the UK. It’s an excellent project that really needs to be celebrated and supported.

Listen to Swindle’s No More Normal below via Bandcamp. Released via Brownswood Records.

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