Music: Al Dobson Jr. – Who U Think U Are Pt.2 / Shikimi Greetings (Singles) from his upcoming project Sounds From The Village Vol. 2

Al Dobson Jr. is a producer, composer, selector and DJ hailing from South London. Having worked with labels such as 22a and Rhythm Section, releasing stellar projects such as Rye Lane Volume II & III, his sound has always represented the city in such a profoundly captivating manner, with gorgeous compositions and grooves that are soulful, as well as beats that are hard-hitting. Sounds From The Village Vol. 2 is his new upcoming project set to be released on the 1st February on Izwid Records. It acts as a follow up to Sounds From The Village Vol. 1, a project released in 2014. As mentioned on their Bandcamp page, “Volume 2 in the series unearths more drum tracks and abstract musical curation from the Dobson Jr. Archives. Fonk tales & Movie scene interludes from a span of 2006-2016 compiled by Kutmah.”

Based on the two singles off Volume 2 “Who U Think U Are” and “Shikimi Greetings,” it’s safe to say that this new project is one of my most anticipated so far this year. With the smooth and soulful synth notes on “Who U Think U Are” to the hard-hitting eeriness of “Shikimi Greetings,” the juxtaposition and diversity in sound between the two tracks makes for a dynamic and engaging listen, something I anticipate to be the case on his upcoming album on the 1st of February. The latter track’s tribal, almost oriental samples are perfectly intertwined with the bass-heavy beat that pulsates throughout. It really highlights Al Dobson Jr.’s talents as a producer and again, makes me really excited for this upcoming project.

Listen to “Who U Think U Are Pt.2 / Shikimi Greetings” below via Bandcamp, and make sure you support! Released on Izwid Records. Artwork by Kutmah.

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