Music: DEDE – Panoply

This is my first encounter with DEDE’s music. I’m not going to pretend like I know much about this young musician, whose debut album Panoply just came out on Fresh Selects, one of my favourite record labels.

Panoply doesn’t sound like anything Fresh Selects have released, or anything I’ve reviewed, for that matter. The pop-sensibility of this album gives it a sweet, feel-good vibe to it, however there is a lot of soul and heart to this album which makes it a powerful body of work. From the spacey lead single ‘Golden Divine’ to the gorgeous duet with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear to close the album, this is an emotive, beautiful, sometimes haunting experience which captivated my ears upon first listen. It is a complete musical experience with silky synth-lines, a haunting voice and pulsating basslines.

Here’s what Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects said on Dede and how he got to work with her:

I first heard of Dede when Waajeed & I were working on a compilation project back in 2010. He said he had met this incredible duo out of New York and I had to hear them. He sent me a remix he did of one of her tracks and I was hooked instantly. Her voice reminded me of Crustation “Purple” ATCQ Remix (always one of my favourite hidden Dilla gems), or Poe mixed with Portishead, with a little vintage Nico to it – a specific type of feel that I had wished there was more of, but could never really find – but matched with music that was forward-thinking and a completely new sound unto itself.

Waajeed, Dede & Tim Kvasnosky went on to form Tiny Hearts and together they put out one of my favourite projects of the last few years. So when Dede & Tim hit me up and said they were working on a DEDE solo project in between the next Tiny Hearts release, I pretty literally jumped at the chance to be a part of it. As fate would have it (and unbeknowst to them), I was already in LA at the time, and was able to come through their studio in Mount Washington and hear what they have been working on. I was completely blown away and we shook hands on doing this album right there & then.

Listen to DEDE’s debut album Panoply below through Bandcamp, and make sure you support the music if you can! Released via Fresh Selects. Eternally grateful for Fresh Selects and the platform they give musicians to be able to blossom.


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