Music: Medhane – Own Pace

Brooklyn-based rapper Medhane has come through with a highly anticipated new album titled Own Pace. After the release of some genuine, personal and incredibly soulful projects such as Ba Suba, Ak Jamm and Do for Self, the talented artist really shines through and excels this time around.

12 tracks and 29 minutes in length, this album features production from himself as AFB, dj blackpower, iiye, Caleb Giles, Slauson Malone, IAMNOBODI, bori, bluezy, laron and animoss. They all provide a textured, soulful and eclectic beats that allow for Medhane to speak his truth. Tracks like “Trauma & Grace” feature synths and piano keys that add a poignant, captivating energy to the track. Medhane’s personal lyricism about trauma and growing through that towards that light is what makes this one such a fitting opener to such a great album. The stunning synths on “On Me” are met with strings and Medhane’s smooth delivery. There is a sense of optimism in his lyrics. On “Grapefruit” he says “But the clouds dissipate and the sun breaks through,” and on “Walk With Me” he talks about the fact that he’s been growing despite depression being in his blood. “Whispers” is my shit. The dynamic, synth-heavy melodies and thumping beat makes it an engaging track, but it’s Medhane’s delivery that sounds hungry and thrilling. “Affirmation #1” is a stunning soulful cut, while the features on the album did their thing – MIKE killed it on the beautiful “Looking 4 Runtz,” Navy Blue’s menacing delivery “Stranger” and maassai’s introspective verse on “2020sht” is fantastic. Overall, Medhane has come through with a stellar project, as Own Pace shows growth and maturity in his sound, and it’s great seeing him speak more positively about his own mental health despite still suffering from depression.

Listen to Medhane’s brand new album Own Pace below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support!

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