Music: Future Bubblers – Future Bubblers 2​.​0

Brownswood’s inspiring initiative to work with and mentor some of the most talented young artists in the UK is back for another year of incredible new music. With new talents, new mentors, new experiments and new creations, Future Bubblers 2.0 is an excellent project showcasing music from artists pushing their creativity and talents to the maximum. Don’t forget to check out last year’s talents on Future Bubblers 1.0

On this new project, what is immediately apparent is the vast diversity in sound. From Skinny Pelembe, Chloe Beth Smith & Field Notes Choir’s angelic “Laxmi Flying,” to Nashe xx’s pop inspired R&B track “Bad Mind,” it is clear that no two tracks sound the same. I don’t even know where to start with the artists and the project as a whole, because every track has its own character, mood and tone. The smooth and soulful key leads on Mali Hayes, Medikul & R. Lyle’s “Are You” are gorgeous, and that is just complemented by gorgeous vocal performances and a tribal clap that makes it a dynamic listen. Elsa Hewitt’s “Given” is a slow-paced meditative track that captures its soul through soothing vocals that really pierce the soul. The beat changes up at the mid-mark of the song, as well, giving it some more dynamism to it. The tribal, electronic rhythms on Ratomagoson’s “Summer Wish” are just infectious and perfect for the dancefloor. Broadstrokes comes through with an incredible piano-led soul track that is brings incredible warmth in its sound. Beatbaby’s “I Want You” is definitely a favourite of mine, with incredible off-kilter drumming, subtle electronics sprinkled throughout and a powerful, sensual voice from the talented singer. R. Lyle and Elsa Hewitt come through with a glitchy, dubstep-inspired tune on “Crusht,” which is another strong contender for my favourite on the album. The project ends with Lewis Ashby’s “Horizon” another tribal electronic track with slick synth leads, gorgeous keys and a rumbling beat that captures a clear, energetic vibe.

Overall an excellent project which captures UKs youth and diversity effortlessly.

Once again, this is an an incredibly inspiring program, and its great to see organisations such as the Arts Council EnglandHelp Musicians UKPRS For Music foundation and even Ableton partner with this programme and help it become successful.

For more information on the Future Bubblers project and how you can get involved, make sure you visit their site.

You can listen to and purchase Future Bubblers 2.0 below via Bandcamp. Make sure you support!


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