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B. Cool-Aid – BRWN


The collaborative album between producer Ahwlee and vocalist/rapper Pink Siifu is a neo-soul masterpiece. Throughout BRWN we get Dilla-esque drum patterns, soul loops, infectious grooves and various changes in rhythm and beat which makes it exciting at every corner. It’s also the spiritual tone to this album that makes it such a positive, uplifting and unforgettable experience, and worthy of recognition as one of the best collaborative projects to come out this year.

Tyler, The Creator – Flower Boy


I can’t find the appropriate superlatives to describe how I feel about this album and Tyler’s growth as an artist. This is by far his best project to date. The production is flawless. Textured, layered with silky synths, gorgeous keys, hypnotic basslines and grooves,  this project sounds at times more like a gorgeous neo-soul album than a hip-hop project. Lyrically, Tyler is uncomfortably honest, speaking on his sexuality, his relationships, struggles and social life in the most mesmerising way. It’s an autobiographical character study of someone who is conflicted by his own identity, but also someone who knows the power of growth and art. Flower Boy stands on top, and is my favourite major release of the year.

Maxwell Owin & Joe Armon-Jones – Idiom EP


Taken from my review of the project here: “Keyboard extraordinaire Joe Armon-Jones and the immensely gifted producer and overall nicest guy you’ll ever meet Maxwell Owin team up on what may be the project of the year. Incredibly crisp and groovy production from Maxwell is accompanied by incredible keys from Joe throughout, who plays the instrument so masterfully it’s often hard to keep up with his genius. Jake Long brings the drumming alive on this album, Oscar Jerome provides his talents on guitar, and South London’s jazz queen Nubya Garcia steals the show on ‘Tanners Tango’ with her mesmerising tenor saxophone performance. Idiom EP should and hopefully will be a landmark album for the London’s music scene as it embodies everything music should represent. Passion, groove, collaboration, unity and love.”

Danny Watts – Black Boy Meets World


Danny Watts’ story is why I love paying attention to new music and writing about it. It was a collection of tracks released on Cosmic Compositions titled Messenger Series Vol.1 released back in 2013 that introduced be to the Houston rapper. 4 years later he releases his debut Black Boy Meets World, an extraordinary project full of heart, character, self-evaluation and introspection. Produced by Jonwayne, this album is an example of how hard-work and dedication can pay off in a big and profound way. His heartbreaking honesty towards his own vices and imperfections results in a raw and authentic body of work. One of the best of the year. Read my review here.

René Schier-  Seeds


Taken from my review: With Seeds, Berlin- based producer René Schier releases one of my favourite albums of the year.  By sharpening his craft as a beat-maker, he sets an incredibly eerie and mysterious tone on the album. As Urban Waves themselves describe it, this album “takes you on a date at night depicting a sensual portrait of pleasure, intimacy and passion. While it’s getting cold and dark outside, get cozy, pour yourself something warm to drink and enjoy this album.”

Ivan Ave – Every Eye

ivanave every eye

Taken from my review you can read here:  Every Eye is a sublime body of work with layers upon layers of funk, soul and introspection. With production from the likes of Kaytranada & Dâm- Funk on one of the lead singles ‘Singles,’ Kiefer & Like on ‘Running Shoes,’ Mndsgn, Fredfades and DJ Harrison, the sound on this album is so pure with rhodes keys, groovy basslines and bouncy drums. A lot of excellent soulful hip-hop albums have come out this year, but none have a production quality like this one. If this was released as an instrumental project, I would think it came out in 1975.

Fly Anakin, Koncept Jack$on & Tuamie – Panama Plus


Read my review here: This album completely blew me away. Rappers Fly Anakin and Koncept Jack$on join forces with producer extraordinaire Tuamie on an album that oozes confidence, with lyrics on street life and real life struggles and accomplishments. Panama Plus is a gritty, raw and essential album. The production is soulful and agressive, whilst both rappers vividly depict their experiences on this project. One of the best produced albums of the year, for sure.

Jon Bap -Yesterday’s Homily


Read my review of this project here: On Jon Bap’s new album Yesterday’s Homily, Jon Bap delves into the world of psyched-out experimentation and sonic unrest . It’s a pure spiritual jazz album, and reminds me of the groundbreaking originality of Cosmogramma-era Flying Lotus. The fearlessness in experimenting with abstract sounds, unorthodox drumming patterns, freaky jazz solos is something I haven’t heard in an album for years. This is pure avant-garde sonic bliss.

King Krule – The OOZ


Taken from my review of the  project here: Following the release of his brilliant, hip-hop inspired album A New Place 2 Drown in 2015, Archy Marshall has returned with a dark, murky and slow jazz album The OOZ under his King Krule moniker. Dark, immersive and rich with texture and depth, The OOZ is King Krule’s best album to date. With impeccable drumming, dominant basslines, gorgeous tenor saxophone and guitar melodies, there is a still the dark post-punk vibe you get from his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon.

Ruby Rushton – Trudi’s Songbook: Volume Two



Read my review of the project here: Another gem of the London jazz scene, the highly talented collective Ruby Rushton are back with their second instalment of their album series Trudi’s Songbook: Volume Two. The change in tempo, rhythm, tone and groove within the tracks and the album on the whole, is what makes it such a memorable and standout release. Ruby Rushton have already cemented their status as one of the leading figures in the London jazz scene through their first album Trudi’s Songbook: Volume Onebut their second instalment in this series has furthered their reach beyond just London, but the world as a whole. Do not sleep on these guys, as they really are the big deal.

So there we have it! 2017 was an incredible year for music, and I only hope that 2018 will be as dope as these past 12 months. Hope you enjoyed! You cab listen to our top 50 tracks of the 2017 below through the Spotify Playlist, and make sure you don’t miss out on our honourable mentions.


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